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Online Registration for FAMILY FIELD DAY!

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Now that you are hunkered down with the weather, now is a great time to register your family for Family Field Day!  You can do so online by going here.  Registrations are due THIS COMING SUNDAY April 24th! Below are a few details about Family field day:

1. There need to be at least 6 people to a team.  If you do not have 6 family members, if you are an individual or a couple and you would like to participate, please fill out the form and we will put you on a team…we’re all family here!  We would love for EVERYONE to participate!

2. At least one member must be 12 years or younger.  You may certainly have more than one child 12 and under but you AT LEAST have to have one.  If you do not have any family or team members under 12, still fill out the registration and we will make sure to assign a 12 and under on your team for those specific events

3.  There will be 8 events total that day (and a tie breaker if need be).  You will find out what the events are on the day of the event.  Please keep in mind that although a degree of athleticism is needed for some of the events, it is also about working together as a team.

4. Each team will need to come up with a team name and team shirt.  Extra points will be given for team shirt creativity (this could be the difference from your team winning the whole enchilada so make sure you don’t miss out on these easy creativity points!)

5.  There will be a first, second, and third place winner, there will be no ties.

6. At 8 AM on the morning of the event, there will be a team captain’s meeting where the events will be revealed and you will have time to strategize before show-time at 9.

7. After the events take place there will be a crawfish boil.  During lunch, tabulations will take place and winners and/or tie breakers will be announced.

You may register by returning the yellow form to the Welcome Center or by registering online here  The deadline for Registration is Sunday April 24.

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