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"VICTORY is Mine"

Trials without God will break you.
Trials with God will make you!!!!

Today… position youself for Battle put on the whole armor of God, That you may be able to withstand in any circumstance. And remember…. With God we Win…
Now give the Lord Praise for your day of Victory!!!!!
The Lord inhabits the praises of His people, if you only knew what daily praise could do!!!
If you only knew how it would change your life!!!!
If you only knew how it shift U from less than… into More than Enough…
Don’t sit on your praise… don’t delay your praise… Today set your Mind that you have to Praise…. Because our Lord JESUS CHRIST is Praiseworthy…. Yeahhhh….Glory to God!!!!

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Ava Jones

Yes & Amen!!!!!

Sheila Andrews

Yes, Praise Him with your whole heart.  Offer a sacrifice of praise to God continually, let the fruit of your lips give thanks to His name. He is so worthy, Praise the Lord!!!!

Sharon Boyd

Ditto – Praise the Lord!!

Kendra Brown

If for some reason you need a jumpstart, watch last Sunday’s service on our youtube channel!

Jimenez Bailey


Marina Francis

Amen Elder Chris! While you are praising, He will be raising you up and out of your situation! Don’t underestimate the power of praise.

Deaconess Leona Neal

Praise The Lord !! Amen

Sharon Francis

Amen!! Just as the elements, greenery, trees etc,lift up to the Sun for strength & NRG. So must we , with hands lifted up to the SON ,for HE is WORTHY of ALL PRAISE & help for ALL circumstances. Glory to God for that pwrful message last nite & praise God for trials to mature us in HIM. Luv ya God bless

Anointed Faith Family Church

Anointed Faith Family Church (AFFC) is a God-centered, diverse body of believers located in Tomball, TX.

Our sincere desire at AFFC is to create an atmosphere where the Anointing of God is experienced, faith is practiced, families are empowered and the love of God is shared.

We exist to make God clear and visible to the world!

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